Protest Poster Printmaking

Protest Poster Printmaking

Use paper, ink and stamping to make a boldly coloured protest poster to tell the world what you care about. Share your message for positive social change and be inspired by the practice of protest poster art.

We see signs and symbols every day in the world around us like stop signs, emojis and emoticons. Have fun learning how to use these symbols to communicate your powerful message for change and learn the fundamentals of good design.

Share your protest message by leaving your poster at Adderton to be included in the ‘Women Who Dare’ exhibition from 15 May to 3 October.  Posters contributed to the exhibition will be displayed from 15 May to 15 June and will be available for collection any time you visit the ‘Women Who Dare’ exhibition.

This workshop is led by visual artist Matthew Newkirk.

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