Professor Brian Greene – The Twilight of Time 2022

Professor Brian Greene – The Twilight of Time 2022

We’re quick to forget that we haven’t been here for long.

Numbers can never do our universe’s age justice, but if we translated its incomprehensible value into just one day, humans wouldn’t show up until 23:59!

Within this minuscule timeframe, to say “much has happened” would be a woeful understatement. We survived The Ice Age, contended with the Black Plague, started world wars, took humanity to the Moon, and have got so good at producing and consuming that the environment is suffering (to name a few of our achievements).

Our lifespans and living conditions are better than ever. With most of the world hooked up to the internet, we now have access to pages upon pages of history about our past failures, so why haven’t we learnt? For example:

The Spanish Flu should have been enough for us to work as a global community to champion public health.
World War II should have been enough for us to seek diplomatic solutions in all conflicts.
The hole in our Ozone layer should have pushed us to tread more lightly on our planet.
Humans have only existed in the universe for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of its history, and if we want to persist within in it, we need to acknowledge, appreciate, and be inspired by the tiny space we occupy. This is the vital message Brian Greene has dedicated his life to promoting.

This event will be your reminder that the vastness of our universe cares little for human beings, so it’s up to us to take charge of our destiny.


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