Prince Siddhartha The Musical
Prince Siddhartha The Musical

Prince Siddhartha The Musical

Celebrating its eleventh anniversary after sell out shows throughout Asia, Siddhartha the Musical makes its Australian debut in June 2017.

Siddhartha tells the story of the historical figure most people know as the Buddha. While many non-Buddhists might be familiar with his, not all are aware that before he became the Enlightened One, he was Prince Siddhartha of the Shakya Clan of India and that before his simple monastic life, he grew up amid luxury and opulence in a palace at the foothills of the Himalayas. As in every man’s story, he had a family (albeit a royal one), friends, fell in love, went through self-discovery, and sought answers to his many questions. Ultimately, however, it led him on an unexpected path.

The play explores his journey from birth till death, telling his tale of finding enlightenment through music and movement in three acts. Siddhartha will bring its Australian audiences an unforgettable experience.

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