Prayer For Peace

Prayer For Peace

Prayer For Peace – Brisbane Sings for Tibet, brings together a selection of Brisbane’s finest vocalists and musicians in a must see-concert event.

Witness artists including Deline Briscoe, Leah Cotterell & Pearly Black, Emma Dean, Ben Ely, Annie & Michael Peterson, Linsey Pollak, Lucinda Shaw, Karl S. Williams and Tibet2Timbuk2.

Curated by Festival of Tibet Director Tenzin Choegyal, in collaboration with music director James Lees and the performers, the concert will be themed around a poignant quote by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

“When we see photographs of the earth from space, we see no boundaries between us, just this one blue planet, a natural world that supports us all. Therefore we have to see humanity as one family and the natural world as our home. It’s not necessarily somewhere sacred or holy, but simply where we live – so it’s in our interest to look after it.”

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