The Physical and Metaphysical

The Physical and Metaphysical

The Switchboard Project brings together visual artists, musicians, writers, poets and other performers together to explore the border between art and experience, in the exhibition ‘The Physical and Metaphysical’.

Online platforms dominate how we communicate, share ideas, form our opinions and even date. Knowledge has shed its corporeal form and algorithms and advancing artificial intelligence are changing how we understand our world and our place in it. How do we describe our humanity when every memory and every moment is monitored and measured and preserved in digital amber and how does that impact our relationship with our bodies and spirit?

Artists Perrin Millard and Mircha Mangiacotti explore these questions with photography, paint and installation art.

Joining them at the Arty Party on Saturday night 29th May, a troupe of cabaristas electrify the night with strings, beats and dance, blurring the line between sensation and sensual.

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