Performance + Installation: MEAT MIRROR

Performance + Installation: MEAT MIRROR

Be shared! Or be scared!

Ever wondered how dangerous Kim Kardashian’s booty is? And just how far social media and celebrity culture will invade?

MEAT MIRROR asks what is beauty, what is horror? Through absurdity and humour MEAT MIRROR tackles the alarming normalisation of life-threatening surgical enhancement.

MEAT MIRROR throws gullibility, butchery, beauty, Orwellian satire, aquamusicals, and schlock horror into the blender and presses ‘go’.

MEAT MIRROR is a performance activated multimedia installation that interweaves questions about the normalisation of cosmetic surgery with notions of the ‘space of appearance’ in the real and digital public spheres.

Presented by Jay Younger and Lisa O’Neill as part of Anywhere Festival and Brisbane Art Design.

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