Opinion Trivia

Opinion Trivia

Have ewe herd?!! Sheepoll’s Opinion Trivia is in Fortitude Valley at Beirne Lane! What’s Opinion Trivia? It’s kinda like pub trivia, but there are no right or wrong answers.

Instead of finding the smartest person in the room, we discover the most average and the most unique, asking questions you’ll never find at a normal trivia night.

What’s the ugliest letter? Would you rather 10 arms or 10 teeth? Would you kill your best friend to save your own life?

Dubbed an ‘improv comedy gameshow’, everyone is a contestant and the entertainment comes from the host and the audience exploring the ridiculous ideas sprouted from the questions.

Punters play along using the Sheepoll app, and through a slew of segments, and a bunch of instant prize games, we calculate the most average person, The White Sheep, and the most unique, The Black Sheep. Those two players win the night, with cash, bar vouchers, and tattoos up for grabs!

Download the free Sheepoll app today, set up your Baabaatar (your online sheep avatar), and join us every Tuesday at 7:00 pm!


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