No Pants Subway Ride Brisbane 2018

No Pants Subway Ride Brisbane 2018

Are you guilty of dropping your dacks for a cheeky no pants dance in public? Do you have a few hours free on Sunday January 7 2018, and, like us, think pants are over-rated and should be hidden away like the annoying things they are? Do you like the idea of catching a train without pants/shorts/skirt along with a bunch of others just for the sake of it? Think it’d be cool to give unsuspecting commuters and tourists something random to laugh at and talk about? Well, sirs and sassy ladies, if you found yourself nodding at your screen, this event is right up your alley. The No Pants Subway Ride is rolling into Brisbane and you’re invited, sans pants (obviously). The event is for people who love a laugh, like having a bit of fun, and don’t take themselves too seriously so leave any buzz kills at home. The event is free but due to the massive popularity of the ride (apparently lots of people hate pants!), we need everyone who is attending to secure their free tickets here.

If you need a little inspiration for dressing the top half of your body, here are some suggestions:
* High Vis construction clothes
* Business suit
* Motorbike rider clothes
* Defence Force clothes (or imitation of)
* Firefighter clothes
* Raver (fluro) outfits
* Cosplay outfits

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