New Home – Jade Thompson

New Home – Jade Thompson

This November, Aspire Gallery is proud to be hosting New Home – an exhibition by Brisbane-based artist, Jade Thompson.

Almost two years ago, Jade’s wife received a job offer in Brisbane after finishing her Masters in Fashion. Living in Melbourne at the time, Jade was adamant – “No, why would we want to move to Brisbane?” But he relented and decided to give Brisbane a chance. If it was rubbish when they visited, it was the end of the conversation – after all, all their friends and family were in Melbourne.

But as he strolled down Latrobe and Given Terrace in Paddington in 28-degree August sunshine, a new perspective started to form. The streets were busy but peaceful, very different from Melbourne’s hustle and bustle although they had the familiar waft of roasted coffee beans that only hipsters could produce. He was blown away by the sweeping landscape views and the classic Queensland architecture. This place was far from rubbish. It was tropical, it was overgrown, it was stylish, it was unique, and it was truly beautiful. He decided he would certainly give it a chance.

Jade’s family rented an old Queenslander in Red Hill. It had a built in veranda, with perfect light for a studio. Feeling inspired, that’s when he started painting his ‘new home’.

Jade’s solo exhibition paying homage to the Paddington and 4064 area will be showcased at Aspire Gallery, 53 Kennedy Terrace in Paddington, Brisbane. The exhibition runs from 6 to 16 November, open Wednesdays to Saturdays 10:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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