Museum of Brisbane Public Art Walking Tour

Museum of Brisbane Public Art Walking Tour

You may think you know Brisbane well, but Museum of Brisbane’s captivating walking tours will will reignite your curiosity for our beloved river city!

This spring, Museum of Brisbane will launch its new Public Art Walking Tour, showcasing the art, history, and culture of Brisbane’s public sphere. This fresh-faced tour invites you to traverse through the city’s plethora of public art and examine the dynamic additions to Brisbane’s squares, lanes, foyers and streetscapes. Featuring work both from the early 1900s, to modern installations and laneway art, this 90-minute tour will showcase Brisbane from a brand-new perspective as you explore the artist’s response to a place, concept and time that can give us a sense of, or question, who and where we are.

Ready to rally up your art-loving crew? To register your interest for Museum of Brisbane’s Public Art Walking Tour, head here.

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