Mike Van Acker & Fred Lang

Mike Van Acker & Fred Lang

Enjoy a night of PROFESSIONAL LIVE STAND UP COMEDY at The Sit Down Comedy Club!

Hosted by Anne Ferguson-Howe, on Saturday 22nd January, our headliners will be Mike Van Acker & Fred Lang!

Mike van Acker is a Brisbane based performer and writer with a broad set of skills and vast experience across many aspects of the entertainment industry, both on stage as a performer and off stage as a producer and as a consultant. He’s also consulted with other producers, and, one time, produced with a consultant. Mike was the funny part of the breakfast radio show Bianca, Mike, and Bob on Brisbane’s 97.3fm, and remains one of the few radio hosts who can say he was let go by a network whilst the current ratings winner. ‘Ah well, mustn’t grumble’, Mike said at the time, and went off to write his sold out festival show Sacked about the experience.

Having led what he views an interesting life, Fred Lang draws his material from those ‘every’ experiences, whether it’s his interest in immigration (both his parents escaped from Eastern Europe after WW11), or his belief that youth gets it way too easy nowadays (he has no children, automatically making him an authority!). Fred’s comedy is, and always will be, pertinent, insightful, clever, and funny. Storyteller, Comedian, Raconteur or Master of Ceremonies, as a unique performer, Fred always delivers hilarity!


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