Midnight Oil – Resist Tour

Midnight Oil – Resist Tour

Midnight Oil have announced that this chapter of their career will come to a memorable close in 2022 with the release of the other 12 new songs they recorded with Bones and a series of big gigs. Both are aptly titled Resist.

The band also announced that this will be their final concert tour while making it clear that this does not mean the end of the Oils. Each of the members will continue their own projects over the years ahead. They remain very open to recording new music together in future and supporting causes in which they believe but this will be their last tour.

From the northern beaches of Sydney to the streets of Manhattan, they have stopped traffic, inflamed passions, inspired fans, challenged the concepts of “business as usual” and broken much new ground. Seeing Midnight Oil in full flight is to experience the kinetic power of live rock’n’roll. They leave you inspired to live life more passionately and to Resist.

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