Mel Buttle

Mel Buttle

Mel is a dog lady, a dog fan, in fact once a man in a pub in Perth called her a dog bitch.

Despite growing up with a fear of dogs, and having an allergy to dogs, Mel, has made the illogical decision to work as a casual dog walker around Brisbane, there’s nothing a 70 pack of Telfast and a puffer can’t fix, right?

When she’s not filming The Great Australian Bake Off, writing her weekly Courier Mail column, or slaying it at comedy clubs all around the country Mel loves to hang out at the dog park with her RSPCA rescue dog, Lady Ruby April Longsocks Buttle Esquire The First, with a XXXX Gold in hand, swerving dog park politics and eavesdropping on your conversations.

Come, sit and stay for an hour of dog yarns with one of Australia’s favourite comedians.

*cat owners welcome, I guess….

Mel Buttle is part of Brisbane Comedy Festival’s stellar line-up, brought to you by 

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