Meet A. C. Smith

Meet A. C. Smith

Sweet words – life after law.

In 2013, A.C. Smith’s high life as a successful barrister collided with imminent mortality. ‘Say a prayer and off you go to open-heart surgery’. Was everything finished?

Well law was, but surely not. It took over two years in purgatory until, all of a sudden, something roared back. Within three months he had the first draft of Deeply With the Sun in our Eyes finished. After plenty of editing, it was published in 2019. Two years later, he had delivered the sequel The English Colonel’s Wives.

Learn how writing and life experience of being a marine engineer, lawyer, politician, part of the winning Australian Barristers’ Cricket Team, newspaper editor, heart surgery survivor, famer and now author has helped shape the books of A.C. Smith in this fascinating talk.

Books will be available for purchase on the day, or bring your copy from home for A.C. Smith to sign.

To reserve your place, visit Eventbrite  or phone the library. 


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