In Tantra, the letters and corresponding sounds of the alphabet are considered to be infused with the power of the divine mother. In certain combinations, the matrikas (little mothers) are said to exert magical powers. Drawing techniques which bypass conscious control allow us to access the power of the unconscious, maybe even the supraconscious!

Matrika is an exhibition of literature inspired works on paper by Brisbane artist, Leonie Chinn, incorporating surrealist drawing techniques.

Coinciding with the Logical Unsanity Books & Miscellaneous Phantasmagoria warehouse open day, the works will be on show on Saturday October 28. You are invited to see the art, browse the book warehouse and sit and read as long as you like.

A drawing workshop exploring surrealist drawing techniques will be held the following day.

Matrika Drawing Show: 12:00–6:00 pm
Saturday October 28
Entry is free

Drawing Workshop: 3:00–5:00 pm
Sunday October 29
$20 per person
Bring your preferred drawing materials. Some materials provided. No previous drawing experience required.

To reserve your place at the drawing workshop or for further information please email [email protected]

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