Litany – Christopher Doyle

Litany – Christopher Doyle

The Culprit Club is proud to announce Litany, an exhibition of silk screen and wood block prints by Christopher Doyle.

Chris is a Brisbane based artist, working primarily with traditional printmaking techniques. His work focuses on the history of printmaking and the social impact of image dissemination.

Litany will bring together a collection of Chris’s most recent work, created through his in house artist residency at The Culprit Club that explores the notions of image authority and mediated experiences.

Using traditional printmaking techniques to reproduce contemporary digital images, this show reflects his attempt to slowdown the image-dissemination process.

The processes and art work present ideas of empathy that have been replaced with images. Litany looks for parallels between the way the west responds to visual information, and the way a religious congregation preforms a litany or hymn to a church leader.

Chris’s incredible series suggest that when we see, we don’t only clarify that something exists, but also commit to something that would not otherwise exist proving that seeing is about realising that something can always be connected to something else.

The exhibition launch night is on Friday April 28 at 6:00 pm

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