Letter from Masanjia

Letter from Masanjia

Letter from Masanjia tells the story of how a desperate SOS note from a Chinese prisoner is found by a US mother in her Halloween decorations, and the incredible events that led to the shutdown of China’s labor camp system.

Directed by Peabody Award winning director, Leon Lee, the film is both a powerful tale of human suffering, compassion and perseverance and a potent reminder that most meaningful changes in life stem from the courage of those individuals who fearlessly expose social ills for the sake of truth and justice.

Leon Lee is not welcome in his native country because of his previous films about China’s human rights abuses. So, in Letter from Masanjia, he teaches Sun Yi to use camera equipment via Skype. For over a year, Sun Yi secretly captures harrowing footage of his daily life as a human rights defender, leading up to his tense run from the Chinese authorities. Meanwhile, in the US, Julie Keith is struggling with her own dilemmas as a mother newly embroiled in this cause.

Together, these unlikely heroes expose China’s ongoing persecution against millions whose ideology differs from the Chinese government.

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