Laneway Learning: Marvellous Mandalas
Laneway Learning: Marvellous Mandalas

Laneway Learning: Marvellous Mandalas

Discover the ‘colours of your soul’ and make a mystical map, known traditionally as a Mandala! In this Laneway Learning workshop we’ll tap into a calm inner space, then get creative, designing and drawing with felt pens to create beautiful art that could be framed or even given away as heartfelt gifts.

We’ll start with a simple wind-down to get us out of work-mode and feeling calm and focused. Then, we’ll discover the wonders of mandalas and some easy how-to info before getting stuck in with designing and developing our personal artworks with colourful felt pens.

Sharmila is a contemporary painter & performance artist, with a passion for making connections between spirituality and creativity. For many years she’s been actively involved with community education programs, facilitating dynamic learning experiences with people of all ages and from all walks of life! As an artist-catalyst, what she loves most about sharing art skills is to ignite others to their own creativity, via accessible, hands-on learning and tuition, for beginners to the very experienced. Sharmila has been told that her “approach is infectious”!

Questions about the class? Please email [email protected]

The featured image is borrowed and edited, with thanks, from stephanyann under a Creative Commons licence.

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