Laneway Learning: Instavideo – the Next Big Thing
Laneway Learning: Instavideo – the Next Big Thing

Laneway Learning: Instavideo – the Next Big Thing

The truism that a picture is worth a thousand words has met its match with Instagram – especially now it allows you to post videos. It’s the once indie app that sold for $1 Billion & has become one of the top 3 social networks as tens of millions of videos & images-as-communication are posted each week. This rise has in part been fuelled by the rise of the camera-phone which means that anyone with free or cheap apps can experience the joy of easily editing and enhancing their footage.
The explosion in Instagram’s popularity also means there are great opportunities for Business to engage with their communities using the left-field format of images and now short videos. To support this, our workshop will explore both the personal fun of making videos for Instagram (via iOS or Android), and the potential for growing an audience that this can also enable.

In this Laneway Learning workshop you will be shown how Instagram is used for video, what editing options should you use with your videos, what is the best way for your business to use Instagram, and how you can gain more Instagram likes and followers.

Jonathan Nalder has been an app-noxious so and so ever since the first iPhone came out – especially where photography apps are concerned. Perhaps the best way to find out more about how Jonathan loves to capture the Australian landscape differently is to view his Instagram or Flickr accounts. You can also learn more about Jonathan’s education and technology support offerings at

Please note:
Please download Instagram, Replay (or Stupeflix Studio online), Crop Video, Magisto and Video Grade for the class

Questions about the class? Please email [email protected]

The featured image is borrowed and edited, with thanks, from Esther Vargas under a Creative Commons licence.

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