La Silhouette

La Silhouette

Shrouded in darkness, beyond deep-red velvet curtains twists and turns 100 years of queer history. Welcome to Brisbane, long before the shine of the rainbow.

La Silhouette is a cabaret club; a maze of mirages where myriad mysterious shapes pull you into dark corners and hidden rooms. Here, the shape of Brisbane’s queer history is brought to life by eight people whose spirits suffer all, celebrate all and endure all across decades of hiding, rioting and retribution.

On evenings like this, a drag queen may take you into her dressing room and whisper secrets. You may find yourself talking to the police on behalf of a door man who has fallen ill. Perhaps the proprietor will show you to her VIP room for a rare dram and a game of dice.

This is La Silhouette, an immersive performance that shines a light on the past and into the future.

A strict lockout period is enforced for this show. Please plan your evening carefully as you will not be admitted after the show has commenced. 

La Silhouette has received support from Backbone, Metro Arts and House Conspiracy for the creation of this work.This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

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