Kokedama (Moss Balls) Workshop with Neon Patina

Kokedama (Moss Balls) Workshop with Neon Patina

Sophisticated mud cakes. Is there any more of a reason needed to learn the art of kokedama? Kokedama are balls of string and moss-covered soil from which a plant grows, creating perfect indoor gardens. Neon Patina is an interior garden business with a penchant for the Japanese kokedama and will be teaching you how the kokedama comes together, as well as how to care for your own that you’ll be making. The workshop comprehensively guides your creativity when making for first kokedama, so that you will feel confident in being able to fill your home with more. A selection of small plants will be provided, for your kokedama, as well as all other materials you’ll need in the workshop. Kokedama can be hung, or placed on a small dish or bowl, and are very easy to look after. They are the ultimate small-space garden, so if you love a bit of life but lack the space then this one’s for you!

Suitable for adults and children aged 10 years and older. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult (both must purchase a ticket). The workshop will be taught at the adult level.

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