Jarrod Duffy Is Not Dead

Jarrod Duffy Is Not Dead

It’s Wollongong, 2010. Jarrod Duffy, friend and member of Applespiel, doesn’t show up to rehearsal one day. He’s disappeared, leaving behind the furniture at his house and no explanation. Phone, email and Facebook all yield no results. Jarrod Duffy Is Not Dead is the story of that disappearance and Applespiel’s hunt to find their missing friend.

Drawing on a wide range of interest points, including the rise of crowd-funding, the cult popularity of podcasts such as This American Life’s Serial and the ethics of personal stories in theatre, Jarrod Duffy Is Not Dead is a complex and playful exploration of truth.

Applespiel’s recent projects, particularly the critically acclaimed Applespiel Make A Band and Take on the Recording Industry, have had a strong focus on the combination of story with dynamic visuals. Part theatre, part live podcast, Jarrod Duffy Is Not Dead continues the collective’s work in creating complex stage images that blend live and digital image.

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