Intro to Jewellery Making Workshop

Intro to Jewellery Making Workshop

It’s time to put your pasta beads in a pot of boiling water, as our glamorous Introduction to Jewellery Making will leave you beady-eyed and shining bright like a diamond.

So bright that your friends will ask you, Where did you get your fabulous jewellery? Well my friend, you can proudly say, I made it myself.

In a world where innovations are being created by the second – this course is no different and will ensure there is no crafty business going on! Bring your mother, your sister, your girlfriends, and even your next-door neighbour’s grandmother along as our jewellery expert, Lesley Marshall teaches you how to create, bead and finish your chic earrings and necklace.

In this class we will cover:

  • How to #StyleItUP: A look at the different jewellery designs and the best way to style your creations
  •  Clever techniques: We’re talking how to professionally string your beads on jewellery wire and other cool ideas for your earrings
  • Tools of the trade: The proper use of jewellery tools
  • Colour combo: How to choose 3-4 colour combos that are on point!
  • Jewellery secrets from Lesley + written instructions for you to take home

Every attendee will return home looking more glamorous and chic with his or her very necklace or bracelet creation!

Note: Due to the materials needed to run this course, an additional fee of $15 has been added to the course fee. Bright Learning Members will only need to pay the $15 if they wish to attend the class.

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