Intro to Home Composting & Worm Farming
Intro to Home Composting & Worm Farming

Intro to Home Composting & Worm Farming

Did you know that up to half the waste thrown out by Australian households is organic material? Or that the methane produced by this matter rotting in landfill is responsible for 5% of our greenhouse gas emissions?

Composting at home, even if you live in an apartment, can help significantly reduce waste sent to landfill as well as providing nutrient rich compost for your garden or pot plants.

Join us in the Collective space at Paddington for Intro to Home Composting & Worm Farming, hosted by Jess from Mallow Sustainability. Whether you’re brand new to composting and might only have space under the kitchen sink or are already doing it but still have questions, this workshop will have something for you!

This workshop will show you how to set up a home composting system and worm farm to break down your food waste and other organic material.

-Learn what types of household waste you can add to your compost (and the best ways to combine them)
-See (and smell!) what your compost should look like
-Take a look inside a working worm farm and discover how to set one up yourself
-Troubleshooting tips and ways to use your compost and worm castings
-Plus the opportunity to ask Jess all of your composting and worm farming questions!

Meet the Maker: After achieving her degree in Environmental Management, Jess worked in waste and resource recovery for nine years. It was during this time she realised that Brisbane businesses had limited options to manage their food waste sustainably, which led to her founding Mallow Sustainability in 2015. They now collect tonnes of food waste from local businesses and events to make compost which is returned to our soil and contributes to more sustainable food production. Jess also offers workshops and demonstrations on composting and worm farming to provide people with the know how to compost their food waste at home.

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