IndepenDANCE 2021

IndepenDANCE 2021

In 2021 it became profoundly evident to us as artists that the practice of creativity, dance and choreography provides an important window into building our self-worth, resilience and connectivity. It has never felt as vital to move with abandon, live and breath through our viscerality, and share this experience with others.

Join us to celebrate new works, new discoveries and new collaborations. Witness these vibrant artists and their unique expressions as they contribute to our rich creative community.

Since 2014 IndepenDANCE has welcomed dance artists from Queensland and beyond into empty studios with the challenge to fill them with play, discovery and creative cultivation. The process aims to challenge artists to think outside the square, shatter the square and question if the square should even exist. Over an intensive period of 3 weeks artists have come together to create, explore, share, shatter and collaborate. What you see tonight is a beginning.

Asher Bowen-Saunders, Jade Brider, Suzanne Dervish-Ali, Lauren Sherlock, Matilda Skelhorn and Juno Toraiwa

Carla Beard, Sarah Carinci, Natasha Centra, Maddi Farrell, Jacon Fuchs, Lexi Free, Jill Gregory, Samantha Harding, Makira Horner, Kirrah Jobst, Anandi Jordaan, Julia Lamke, Emilia Lau, Maxwell Pavichievac, Georgia Pierce, Bruna Guarda Ribeiro, Maalfrid Soendenaa, Laura McCosker, Olivia Rooney, Sidney Shen, Christiana Stewart, Scotia Taylor, Kai Taberner, Kate Utting, Chiu-Ju Wang and Grace White.

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