Indelability Arts Inclusive Acting and Drama Workshop

Indelability Arts Inclusive Acting and Drama Workshop

Indelability arts seeks to fill a gap within arts and disability service provision, by offering ongoing, skills-based training in the arts and creating professional artistic opportunities for community members who identify as having a disability. 

In this year’s workshop series we will be delving into the world of moustache twirling, evil laughs and last minute life-saving antics. There will be villains, damsels in distress, heroes and a dastardly train!!! Everyone loves a bit of … MELODRAMA! If you thought you were dramatic before – wait until you take part in this year’s workshop series! 

You will develop skills in writing, creating, rehearsing and performing for stage and we will be developing our own melodrama over the year, using a mix of live performance and puppetry, culminating in a presentation of the work at the end of the year.

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