Megan K. Stack: Women's Work

Megan K. Stack: Women’s Work

Megan K. Stack sits down with ABC Radio’s Rebecca Levingston to discuss her new book, Women’s Work, a stunning memoir of raising her children abroad with the help of Chinese and Indian women.

Stack decided to leave her prestigious job as a foreign correspondent to work from home and look after her baby. As her family grew and her husband’s job took them to China and Delhi, a series of Chinese and Indian women cooked, cleaned and babysat for them.

Stack grew increasingly aware of the brutal realities of these women’s lives: domestic abuse, alcoholism, unplanned pregnancies. Hiring poor women had given her the ability to work while raising her children, but what ethical compromise had she made?

Determined to confront the truth, Stack meet their families and children and turned a journalistic eye on the trade-offs they’d been forced to make. Women’s Work shines a light on the joy, fear and exhaustion of motherhood and causes readers to reflect on their impact on working mothers.

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