I, object

I, object

Running from Friday August 7, 2020 to Sunday August 29, 2021, I, object reveals the many complex relationships Indigenous Australian artists have to objects – from the histories informing their creation, to the social and cultural consequences of their collection.

Many Indigenous people consider their cultural objects akin to family or a part of themselves – a physical, tangible product of their cultural inheritances. Throughout the world many museums hold important Indigenous cultural material. These are considered ancestors by many, and are a great source of pride and inspiration. However, their multi-generational housing in public and private collections, is also a great source of cultural loss and trauma.

Gallery visitors will be able to view works that celebrate the survival of sculptural traditions, works that witness a revival of regional Queensland mark making traditions that has its roots in collected objects, and works that mourn the loss of cultural strength or life when objects are removed from their origin communities. Together, these works and artists help to reshape the ways we relate to objects and a history of objectification.

So you can check out what QAGOMA has on offer, both galleries are operating a free time-entry ticket system. QAG is currently open to a limited number of visitors from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily and GOMA will open to a limited number of visitors from Friday August 7. To book your free timed ticket to QAGOMA, head here – we suggest booking in advance so you don’t miss out!

Image credit: Installation view of the ‘Australian Collection’, QAG, 2020.

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