I Liked it, BUT…

I Liked it, BUT…

This is Joel Bray. Joel is a very serious, very important performance artist. Joel makes very important ‘works’ about issues that you should definitely care about.

Please please come and see Joel’s very important show.

No-one needs that. I Liked it, But… goes where few ‘experimental contemporary immersive performance’ works dare to tread … out of the theatre and into the bar to see what passes the ‘pub test’.

Grab a drink and enjoy some tunes with Joel and local musicians for a pub trivia night about the craziest, weirdest, most confusing stuff he’s ever had to see on and off of a stage.

Expect very silly stories about very serious people, served with tongue firmly in cheek. Together, we’ll try and work out how stuff even gets made, and why we should care.

Make haste and grab your tickets here.

Please note: In case Ms. Rona pays Brisbane a visit and events can’t go ahead, Brisbane Festival will do quick and easy refunds for everyone. So, grab your tickets and dive into the Festival – it’s going to be a blast!

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