‘I imagine you with a smoke and a whisky'

‘I imagine you with a smoke and a whisky’

“I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe … how one sees, feels and interprets life in general is completely different from another. Perceptions of the world and emotions are colours maps from the mind.”

Aspire Gallery is pleased to announce the inaugural solo exhibition of New Media Imagery Artist Ashlea McFarlane.

Through the strong use of colour combined with aspects of brushstrokes and paintings, Ash’s work can be deceiving from afar to look like a painting. Up close, however, Ash’s work is actually digital and usually surprises the traditional viewer. It is an expressive form of exploring the inner self, the psychology of human behaviour.

Ashlea’s solo exhibition, I Imagine You with a Smoke and a Whisky will run from the 4 July to 14 July 2018 at Aspire Gallery in Paddington. The Exhibition is open to the public from Wednesday to Saturday 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, and opening night will be Saturday 7 July 2018, from 6:00–8:00 pm.

Please RSVP to Aspire Gallery: [email protected] or phone: 07 3368 1514

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