Hysteria is a brand new work of contemporary circus by the internationally renowned Chelsea McGuffin & Co that walks the fine line between emotional excess, and dictations of ‘normality’.

In a world where we eat panic for breakfast, are under constant surveillance from each other and ourselves, and are being fed the next wellness craze direct to our pockets, who really decides who is “normal”, and who is “mad”?

Perception is everything, but who’s perception do we listen to in times of crisis?

Hysteria asks do we really have power over our lives, or is it an illusion?

A visual spectacle set against a transformative and meditative score created by Jackie Marshall, featuring real-life experiences of women who have been hospitalised for the perception of their mental wellness, Hysteria immerses your senses in an unrivalled large-scale outdoor performance spectacle that transforms the unconventional into a new performance world.

Set on Backbone’s unique bowling green, this work is experienced in the round and can be seen from many perspectives. With audience members immersed into soundscapes through over- ear headphones.

Presented by Backbone and Chelsea McGuffin & Co, Hysteria runs July 27 to August 1, and is the first of four brand new performance works held outdoors on Backbone’s Neon Green.

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