Humans Immersed – Photography Exhibition

Humans Immersed – Photography Exhibition

Humans Immersed – Photography Exhibition. For the first time, Brisbane photographer, Alberto Monte Rego, will be exhibiting one of his collections of underwater images at the Teneriffe Community Place. The artist chose to display all photographs unframed with the intention of reducing the distance between the viewer and the images. They are printed on fine art archival paper.

The format of the exhibition is as unique as the images themselves. The photographer wants the viewers to go back to the days of no computer or smart phone screens and look at (even smell) the real prints. The interactive approach of exhibiting art will give viewers an opportunity to engage with the images by challenging them to think of unique titles for the art work.

Alberto’s images portray people candidly playing in the ocean. Although most of the people portrayed in this collection were aware of the photographer’s presence in the water, floating with his large, bright yellow camera housing, the artist insists his images are candid and somehow accidental. “I told them (the models) what I had in mind but also told them to keep doing what they like doing in the surf and have fun.”

Alberto Monte Rego studied photography in Adelaide in the late 1980s. He has been building his body of ocean art images over the past three and a half years. Through a camera lens, Alberto harnesses the energy of waves to capture the wild beauty of the ocean.  His work is a vivid exploration of the relationship between humans and the sea; an attempt to discover through art, the core of a complex dynamic that cuts through to the raw essence of life itself.

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