‘Horizon' by Maxine Mellor

‘Horizon’ by Maxine Mellor

‘Lovers on the highway, chased down by their past.’

Multi award winning playwright Maxine Mellor returns to Brisbane’s main stage this May with Playlab Theatre’s latest production, ‘Horizon’.

Featuring Sam Foster as Cole and Ngoc Phan as Sky, the young couple are driving in a classic Aussie car from the coast into the guts of the country. Chasing an uncomplicated life, they set out with unbridled enthusiasm for the road ahead; swept up in romantic dreaming and poetic ruminations. When out of an old mix tape blasts an echo from the past, their future seems further away than the horizon.

Equal parts ‘Mad Max’, ‘Evil Angels’, and ‘Wolf Creek’, ‘Horizon’ keeps who we are in the rear-view mirror, whilst asking what it is we can see in the heat-distorted bitumen ahead?

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