Green Day's American Idiot
Green Day's American Idiot

Green Day’s American Idiot

Green Day’s American Idiot tells the story of three friends, Johnny, Tunny, and Will, who are living in post 9/11 America. Jaded by their small-town lives and feeling disenfranchised from what they view as the “American Dream”, they set off to explore life in a big city. What follows is a journey of love, loss and self-awareness, as each of the men struggles to find the balance between rage and love — a conflict that defines their generation.

Bold, brash, and fun, American Idiot takes Green Day’s chart-topping 2005 punk rock album and brings it vibrantly to life. With heart-pounding, visceral songs and a cast who rage against the machine of society with heart and spunk, American Idiot is a knockout guaranteed to bring the house down – and Pannic Productions plans to do just that.

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