Gladiators After Dark

Gladiators After Dark

When in Rome, do as the Romans do at Gladiators After Dark. With a vino in hand, enjoy expert talks, live music, visual delights and explore the life of the gladiator. Togas optional. Check out the program and plan your night of fun!

5:30–9:00 pm Sciencentre and Mathamazing, Level 1
5:30–9:00 pm Michael Benson’s Otherworlds: Visions of our Solar System, Level 2
5:30–9:00 pm Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum, Level 3
5:30–9:00 pm Wild State, Level 4

5:30–9:00 pm Silversmithing, Level 2
Watch as experienced Silversmith and DAP Jewellery School Director Dan Cox creates unique hand-made jewellery pieces inspired by the exhibition.

5:30–9:00 pm Roman Medical, Level 2
View the medical implements available within the Roman Empire and their usage in unison with foods and medicines of the time.

Ticketed talks
Talk sessions are 20 minutes long and are ticketed due to limited seating. If you’d like to attend you can collect a ticket for your preferred session times in the cafe.

6:00 pm, 6:40 pm, 7:20 pm and 8:00 pm – How Heroic Were the Heroes of the Colosseum? With Dr Shushma Malik, Level 2 Theatre
We’ll explore the kinds of men (and occasionally women) who ended up risking their lives in the arenas across the Roman Empire.

6:10 pm, 6:50 pm, 7:30 pm and 8:10 pm – Consulting the Bones with Damien Fegan and Linc Morse, Level 4
Find out how geology, tooth enamel, an ancient Greek doctor and the toes of a surf life saver helped solve an ancient cold case.

5:30–9:00 pm DJ Bacon, Level 2
Queensland Museum’s resident DJ will be spinning tunes throughout the night.

5:30–9:00 pm The Gladiator and the Lion
Be entertained and amused by the latest roving creation of Caitlan Strongarm and Kristian Stanic.

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