Getting Real in Relationships: A Women in Livingness Workshop

Getting Real in Relationships: A Women in Livingness Workshop

Are we ready to get real and honest and open up to revealing ourselves in our relationships? Do we express what we feel in our relationships or do we hold back? And if so, why are we afraid of being truly intimate in relationships?

Have you considered that intimacy is a relationship we have with ourselves first, and it is certainly not just something that is shared between partners? It is a way of being and a quality of expression that we can actually have in any of our relationships – be that as wife, partner, sister, mother, daughter, colleague or friend.

This half-day workshop on Sunday February 18 offers women the opportunity to go into the deep end of what it actually means to be intimate in relationships. No quick fixes, just thought-provoking presentations from real and life-changing relationship counsellors Annette Baker and Gabrielle Caplice, sharing their personal and professional experiences on how to develop intimate relationships, as well as simple, practical examples of how to live this in your life.

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