Game of Thrones Trivia at The Flying Cock

Game of Thrones Trivia at The Flying Cock

Some say the world will end in fire. Some say in ice. We’ve been getting our fair share of both during Game of Thrones‘ spectacular sixth and seventh seasons.

On the eve of the Long Night and the commencement of GoT Season 7, Game of Thrones trivia returns to The Flying Cock for another triumphant battle of brains.

An event much like Jon Snow meeting Daenerys Targayren for the first time, prepare to hold the door on Thursday August 24 as the three eyed raven predicts The Flying Cock will be hotter than King’s Landing.

There will be prizes for first place and best dressed. The best dressed prize winner to win a Gold Coast Skydive experience worth $550.00

All questions will be based on seasons six and seven, but if you’ve read the books, good for you.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO

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