Through Elephant Eyes – documentary Kickstarter launch
Through Elephant Eyes – documentary Kickstarter launch

Through Elephant Eyes – documentary Kickstarter launch

Film-maker, Rachel Dunn, takes the viewer on an amazing journey with mind-blowing discoveries and proves that we really can talk to the elephants.


Documentaries can cost anywhere from $100k to $500k+ to make a high level production to be seen on TV or Netflix. Our goal is for 20 million people to see this documentary and for it to be picked up by Netflix. With 117 million subscribers on Netflix alone, this is the best way for our message to be seen.

So far we have self-funded the trailer, filming, research, travel and time. We have completed 60% of the documentary and plan to finish the film this year.

Now, we are looking to raise $68k for staff wages, writers, gear, travel, and music. Every dollar helps!

In Phase One of the funding we are raising $12k with our live event and a Kickstarter campaign. Our stretched goals are in four phases to reach the $68k needed.


> Enjoy a glass of bubbles or wine on arrival
> Book a session with our animal communicator to find out what your pet is saying
> Nibble from our yummy grazing plate while lounging outside on the grass at Hanworth House
> Watch unreleased vision from the documentary
> Listen to some of the unusual events and stories
> Meet like minds and connect
> Play some cool little games
> Win prizes
> Have a fun and different night out while supporting a great cause

All proceeds from this night will be used to give our Kickstarter campaign a big ‘Kickstart’! We are going to make sure it is a success!

There will be so much to do in just two hours! But don’t worry, anyone who knows us, knows that we like to provide masses of value and use our time together as best as we can!

Come along and meet like minded people who have a passion for animals and unexplained phenomena, learn how to follow your crazy ideas and most of all … have some fun while contributing to a great cause!

Book your ticket now!

P.S. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family!

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