From the Ground Up: Building healthy soils

From the Ground Up: Building healthy soils

From the Ground Up is a 4-part workshop series on how to garden and grow plants sustainably. The methods and practices in the workshops are designed to restore and nurture the environment and to assist you in growing your garden harmoniously with nature. 

Each workshop is independent of the others and you do not need to attend them all. 

This month’s workshop is about creating and building healthy, living soil by turning your waste into a resource. You will learn how to test your soil, identify your soil type, and look at different types of soil. This information will assist you in keeping your soil healthy and enriched, giving your plants the best opportunity to grow and thrive.

All materials provided. 

Requirements: Wear a hat and enclosed shoes. Ensure you bring a snack and a keep cup or water bottle. 

Location: Meet at the Kitchen in the Garden.

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