Franck Gohier Pop Art Exhibition
Franck Gohier Pop Art Exhibition

Franck Gohier Pop Art Exhibition

Darwin-based artist Franck Gohier returns to Mitchell Fine Art with a new series of artworks that continue his appropriation of the 1950’s and 60’s vintage comic books and popular culture. #ozpop is Gohier’s homage to the history of Australian Pop where his satirical, political, and socially motivated artworks are a reflection of society and its faults, frailties and triumphs.

In the exhibition Gohier focuses and highlights the patronising representation of the female form and also plays on the commodification and objectification that was represented as the norm. His use of bright colours, text and popular imagery belies his works’ deeper messages.

Franck Gohier has an extensive portfolio as a painter, sculptor, and printmaker. His artwork is steeped in his political and social consciousness. In the past Gohier’s works have employed many aesthetics within the comic book genre to examine socio, political and interpersonal themes. Franck is fascinated by people and their aspirations, hopes, fears, and shortcomings.

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