Food Photography Fun

Food Photography Fun

Ever wanted to take a well composed, well styled photo of a fantastic meal you’ve created? Of course you did, you should be loud and proud about your culinary skills!

Whether you’re a start-out food blogger or an avid foodie who wants to be able to take rockin’ food photos with your smart phone, this is for you.

We’ll talk about the fundamentals in creating a well styled photo, and break it down in simple language and exercises so that you can take all your skills back home and do it all again.

– composition
– colour theory
– how to work with props (those scattered nuts just look so good next to a brownie right?) and;
– bunch of styling tips.

With fun and experimentation at the heart of the class, everyone’s camera/phone is sure to get a workout.

Hilda likes to dabble with photography in her spare time, and has worked with a few restaurants and a leading Brisbane lifestyle website. She sees it as an escape from everyday life and even more than that – an opportunity for storytelling. Having held a few tourist food classes of her own overseas, she’s passionate about sharing her skills, and igniting an interest in others. She hopes to inspire people to pursue creative avenues – for the fun, as well as the therapeutic quality.

Questions about the class? Please email [email protected]

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