Fintech, Evolved (Powered by Tech Bytes)

Fintech, Evolved (Powered by Tech Bytes)

The term Fintech was first coined on the New York Stock Exchange in late 2014 to describe, quite literally, “financial technology”. These days, Fintech now refers to a huge industry composed of organisations that use tech to make financial services more accessible, much more efficient, and incredibly effective

Fintech has disrupted banks so deeply, that it has managed to completely transform how they operate. Financial institutions and services have been forced to using new approaches and technologies to keep ahead of start ups and cyber security threats that threaten their customer’s data in ways that were once unthinkable.

Join Coder Academy & friends as we explore the evolution of Fintech in today’s world, what it means when the two worlds of finance and tech combine for innovation, and where the industry will go next as digital technologies continue to evolve.

Limited spots available.

Industry speakers to be announced shortly.

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