Festival 2018: Meeanjin Markets

Festival 2018: Meeanjin Markets

Festival 2018 are bringing authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts, crafts and experiences to you at the Meeanjin Markets. The markets will showcase the talents inspired by the Australian bush, with plenty to offer and keep you entertained including headline performance from OKA, singer/songwriter Georgia Corowa, Wagga Torres Strait Islander Dance Company and lots more!

The markets will showcase genuine Indigenous artwork, highlighting the local Queensland creators featuring artwork by the local artist Chern’ee Sutton, the event is also raising awareness of the impact fake art is having on the community. Genuine Indigenous artwork is becoming increasingly hard to spot as there has been a flood of fake work imported from overseas, the market offers a chance to see the authentic work and embrace the culture it has to offer.

The Meeanjin Market is hoping to become a regular event in Brisbane, starting with Festival 2018 as a chance to gain public support in the fight against fake art. This is a chance to experience the culture of our ancestors and make a difference to this community.

If you’re an Indigenous artist, musician, business owner or performer, get in touch with the organisers.


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