Festival 2018 – Alchemy

Festival 2018 – Alchemy

ǟʟƈɦɛʍʏ is the forth coming collaboration between renowned Australian composer/musician Richard Grantham and leading contemporary performance company, Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre. Based around the ancient process of transforming base metal into gold, ǟʟƈɦɛʍʏ is a potent metaphor for the Commonwealth Games, and a celebration of the journey towards realizing our full potential, and the power of transformation. The dancers weave there way through the inspirational soundtracks like spirit walkers along the path, until the dramatic climax where they “spin out of nothingness scattering stars like dust” . This is a moving performance work that is meditative homage to the long passage towards greatness, and definitely one not to be missed!

ZEN ZEN ZO, is an Australian physical theatre company at the forefront of contemporary performance and training. Zen Zen Zo produced two decades of potent, visceral theatre for local, national and international audiences.

Session times
5 April 2018: 8:00–8:25 pm and 9:30–9:55 pm
6 April 2018: 5:45–6:10 pm, 8:00–8:25 pm and 9:30–9:55 pm
7 April 2018: 1:30–1:55 pm, 12:00–12:25 pm and 3:00–3:25 pm
8 April 2018: 2:15–2:40 pm, 4:00–4:25 pm and 5:30–5:55 pm


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