Felons Brewing Co. Autumn Feast

Felons Brewing Co. Autumn Feast

Felons Brewing Co. is hosting its first beer and food dining experience at its riverside brewery on Monday May 20 at 6:00 pm. The Autumn Feast will include five courses matched with Felons Brewing Co. beers, showcasing to guests the relevance of beer at the dining table.

With a subtle theme that speaks to Felons Brewing Co’s values of discovery and freedom, the Autumn Feast offers guests a shared food experience, mixing lighter, healthier dishes with the beers and ciders that are brewed onsite.

While wine often comes to mind as the drinking companion to food, the complexity of the flavours in a beer means if the correct one is chosen it can bring out the best in any dish, either by cutting through a dish’s richness, complementing and enhancing the flavours, or contrasting them by adding another layer of complexity. Discussing this at the Autumn Feast will be Felons Brewing Co’s head brewer Tom Champion and Howard Smith Wharves Executive Chef Patrick Friesen, who created the event’s menu.

Dishes included on the five course Autumn Feast menu are Spanish mackerel ceviche, pineapple, compressed celery and crispy corn, grilled eggplant, black garlic, dill and parsley, and a mandarin and yoghurt creamsicle. Patrick, who has devised the five course Autumn Feast menu, said pairing beer with food comes down to finding the right combination.

Tickets for Felons Brewing Co’s Autumn Feast are available through its website.

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