ENGLAND by Tim Crouch
ENGLAND by Tim Crouch

ENGLAND by Tim Crouch

Forget nostalgic thoughts of the Motherland, ENGLAND is about an empire of a different kind – one of transmigrations and transplantations. It’s the story of one thing placed inside another – a heart inside another person’s body, a culture inside another country’s culture, theatre inside a gallery, a play inside its audience.

Guests move freely throughout the space, shuffling respectfully along the pristine white walls and across the scuffed wooden floors of Metro Arts’ Level 2 Gallery. The audience gather and two gallery attendants guide them through the exhibition. As they continue however, the course of the tour blurs into obscurity. The audience are lead no longer through the works of art around them, but instead through the life of an unidentified central character, one who is moving rapidly, and devastatingly, towards death.

ENGLAND travels the trade routes of art and human beings, plagued by sickness and searching for health at any cost. It’s a gallery tour through space and across borders: from Brisbane, to England, hotel rooms, hospital beds and beyond.

It’s a tour to the end of the world.

ENGLAND is a site-specific contemporary theatre work for galleries, written by acclaimed post-dramatic playwright Tim Crouch. Driven by entwining narratives of corporeal and metaphysical transplantations, the work dismantles and re-arranges traditional relationships between character, actor and audience, relentlessly questioning the ways in which we value art, culture and human life.

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