Dots + Loops Recomposed Concert

Dots + Loops Recomposed Concert

Dots+Loops inhabits a space in between a classical concert and a club gig, placing live performances within relaxed contemporary spaces.

Co-presented by QAGOMA, ‘Dots+Loops Recomposed’ offers audiences the chance to hear Max Richter‘s “Vivaldi Recomposed” for the first time in Brisbane using its original instrumentation.

Richter, a luminary of the new postclassical scene cohabited with the likes of Olafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm, has taken the notes and chords of Antonio Vivaldi’s rhythmically compelling Four Seasons, and fractured and rearranged them into a lush modern masterpiece.

The genre-crossing night will also premiere a new major work by indie-chamber septet Nonsemble, and will close with a DJ set conceptually following on from the rest of the concert.
Take advantage of the offerings at the pop-up bar serving food and drinks in the heart of the Gallery.

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