Don Juan

Don Juan

This world premiere explores the life of one of the most magnetic and seductive fictional heroes in Western literature – Don Juan – alongside the equally outrageous real life of his creator –Lord Byron.

Performed by acclaimed actor/director Tama Matheson and internationally renowned guitaristKarin Schaupp, the steamy worlds of Don Juan and the scandalous life of Lord Byron (Matheson) merge. Brought to life by Schaupp through the evocative Spanish guitar music ofTurina, Pujol and Tarrega, Byron and Juan become reflections of each other and it grows increasingly difficult to tell where fact ends and fiction begins. As Byron himself famously put it, ‘truth is strange, stranger than fiction.’

Full of the wit, charm, elegance, adventure and horror of Byron’s great poem, Don Juan will reveal a deep portrait of one of the greatest creative minds of the Romantic era, picked out in relief by his own creation. Don’t miss this exciting varied and engrossing experience in the theatre.

Contains adult themes.

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