“Diversity” An exhibition of photographic prints by The Fine Monochrome Print Group

“Diversity” An exhibition of photographic prints by The Fine Monochrome Print Group

The “Diversity” exhibition underscores the broad range of subjects explored by the exhibiting photographers. Each photographer has created a cohesive portfolio of images around their chosen theme. The exhibit is eclectic and include stars, landscapes, cityscapes, people, figure studies, and architecture.

The photographers are well established in their art and craft.  The images are exceptional in their qualities and are indicative of the experience and skills of the participants.

The photographic styles on display range from the strictly traditional, to the abstract, to the very contemporary.

The Fine Monochrome Print Group are a small group of photographers interested in the production and appreciation of fine photographic prints. They favour personally printed monochrome or subtly coloured images.

The photographers have used a wide range of photographic methods to help tell their stories.  One of the exhibitors has employed photograms while others have employed 19th century methods of handcrafted platinum and cyanotype print produced in a wet darkroom.  There are also black and white images produced by a technique widely used throughout the 20th century (silver gelatin prints and chemical darkrooms). Several photographers have employed ubiquitous digital techniques.

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