Desert Dreams

Desert Dreams

Come have a beer and celebrate the opening night of Desert Dreams; a photographic exhibition and zine launch by Holly Riding, capturing the Americana spirit of rural USA.

All photographs exhibited were captured on 35mm film and remain unedited printed on A2 stock. If you splash out and buy a print on the opening night you score yourself a free Desert Dreams zine! Zines will also be sold individually. The Desert Dreams zine will combine selected photos from the exhibition series with other exclusive photographs from the trip.

This project emerged as a way to capture America’s natural monuments, as during Holly’s travels she became aware of the lack of knowledge and warped perceptions most people have in regards rural America. Most appreciations of the US tend to focus on the urban culture alone, where the beauty of the vast and varied landscape and it’s accompanying subcultures are often ignored or perceived through cliches. This photo series attempts to capture the raw aesthetic of the American landscape, the beauty in simplicity that is so easily overlooked.

If you can’t make it along to the opening night, Desert Dreams will be up at Death Valley Records and Tapes until May 27.

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